E Ink demonstrate new color and flexible e-Paper panels at SID 2016

E Ink had a very interesting booth at SID 2016, showcasing its new color e-paper displays, and also other new and existing displays and prototypes.

First up, we have E Ink's new Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP), which is a high-quality full-color E Ink display. ACeP enables rich-color displays, which is enabled by colored pigments and not color-filters like in E Ink's older color displays.

ACeP color E Ink at SID 2016

The ACeP on display were 20" panels with a resolution of 1600x2500 (150 PPI). I have to say that these displays were simply stunning - real paper like quality. Totally different from, say, an OLED display, of course, but I really liked those displays and I can't wait for E Ink to commercialize them (it'll take a while, E Ink estimated it will take around 2 years).

32'' flexible E Ink display at SID 2016

Another new display was the 32" flexible monochrome Mobius display for signage applications. This is the largest Mobius display to day (the previous ones were 13.3" in size) and it weighs just 150 grams. The resolution is 2560x1440 (94 PPI).

32'' Mobius display at SID 2016

Those displays can also be made flat of course - and still it has the advantage of light weight compared to glass based E Ink displays.

E Ink Dev-Kits at SID 2016

E Ink is now offering Dev Kits in all sorts of sizes and shapes, to ease up product development. As the e-reader market is quite stable at around 10 million units per year (down from 30 million a few years ago) E Ink is reaching out to find new mass-market E Ink applications.

E Ink Prism at SID 2016

Finally, E Ink also demonstrated its prism signs. A prism panel can be thoughts to be a single-pixel display that changes its color slowly. You can check the video above to see this in action. The eFlow prism shown below is really beautiful, and I'm sure designers can create very nice interactive pieces with this technology.

E Ink Prism eFlow at SID 2016

Posted: Jun 04,2016 by Ron Mertens