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ePaper displays, used in e-Readers and many other applications, offer extremely efficient and readable displays. E-Ink-Info, established in 2009, is the world's leading ePaper industry portal - offering a popular web publication and newsletter.

Recent e-Paper News

Ynvisibile to supply displays for 100,000 compressor maintanance timer stickers

Ynvisible announced an interesting project in which it will supply its ePaper displays to replace traditional analogue time stickers. The project, worth over 1.5 million Canadian dollars, will include the supply of 105,000 displays in the next three years.

Ynvisible's customer is a globally recognized leading provider of air compressors and compressed air systems, that was looking for a more efficient solution to monitor maintenance procedures for its compressors’ air filters.

Read the full story Posted: Jul 19,2024

New e-paper device:Bluegen OKPad

Bluegen's OKPad is an Android tablet with two displays, a main 8.9" 1280x800 LCD and a second 7.8" 1872x1404 monochrome E Ink display. Both are touch enabled, and the E Ink also supports Wacom stylus.

The OKPad has been launched via a crowdfunding campaign, with prices starting at $199 (at a 50% discount to the retail price).

Read the full story Posted: Jul 09,2024

Hive-Zox to adopt Ynvisible's displays in its upcoming healthcare monitoring smart label

Ynvisible announced a strategic collaboration with Switzerland-based Hive-Zox to integrate Ynvisible's ePaper displays in a new smart label device that is designed for pharmaceutical and healthcare shipment monitoring. Hive-Zox anticipates scaling the solution to over 1 million units annually.

The project centers around a new cost-effective, automated monitoring smart label solution, called the ConnectedLabel, that Hive-Zox is now launching into the market. Ynvisible's thin, flexible and cost-effective e-paper displays were selected as the "ideal visual interface for the smart label solution, for their compact
design and low power consumption".

Read the full story Posted: Jun 25,2024

Riga to deploy 60 more units of Papercast 23-inch E Ink mobility display solutions

Papercast announced that Rīgas Satiksme (Riga municipality's public transportation authority) has decided to go ahead with the second phase rollout of Papercast' E Ink display solutions. 

Driven by the success of its initial deployment and buoyed by positive feedback from passengers, Rīgas Satiksme will deploy a further 60 units of Papercast' 23" E Ink displays (this is an extension of the first phase of the project, that also had 60 units). 

Read the full story Posted: Jun 24,2024

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Samsung shows its first color ePaper display, the EMDX 32"

During a trade show in the US (Infocomm 2024), Samsung showed its first color ePaper display, aimed towards advertisement applications - in restaurants, malls, offices, retail stores, etc.

The EMDX color ePaper TV is based on a 32" 2560 x 1440 color E Ink panel. The display also offers 8GB of internal storage, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB-C ports. 

Read the full story Posted: Jun 13,2024

Asus demonstrates a laptop cover with an integrated color E Ink panel

Asus demonstrated a new laptop that includes an integrated E Ink display at the rear of its lid. The display is a color E Ink panel. The basic application that Asus envisions is a digital "laptop sticker" showcase.

Placing an E Ink panel at the back of a laptop is not a new idea. Intel showed a prototype device back in 2014, and over the years we have seen several commercial laptops with a 2nd E Ink display.

Read the full story Posted: Jun 04,2024