Looking to reach e-paper consumers and professionals?

E-Ink-Info is a leading e-paper focused site - targeting both consumers and industry professionals. Our site is read by over 5,000 monthly readers - people who want to learn more about e-paper technologies, the market and the industry.

Our site represents a great opportunity to expose your product to potential e-paper customers, exactly when they look for more information and options before they decide on which projector to buy. If you want to expose your solution or technology for this fast-paced industry, our site is also an excellent choice - not many publications are focused on e-paper technologies! We offer several ad options, and we'll be happy to extend a special discount till the end of 2012 - if you order a thee-months campaign, we'll give you one month free. When ordering a six month campaign we'll give you two :-)

You can view our ad rates online. Contact us For details.

Posted: Sep 09,2012 by Ron Mertens